Stay tuned! Season 1 of the Godtivity Podcast premieres soon! This season, we’re focusing on the spaces we live: the mind, body and soul, as well as our homes and communities. We’ll talk devotional practices like prayer, fasting, surrender, and how to ask God for guidance through our creativity. Season one is full of groundbreaking discussions and expert-tested foundational habits that will make your faith stronger and more alive!

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 Interesting insight and ideas on living a creative Christ centered wellness lifestyle are released weekly.

What is the Godtivity Podcast?

We are all created to create. Godtivity is a podcast for creative Christians looking to reconnect to God the creator. Hosted by Nefra Rolle, a Christian wife, mother and fashion designer. Living, loving and finding God’s creative finger-print in all aspects of love, motherhood, life, wellness and design. With topics ranging from practical advice on creativity, wellness and healthy living, insight on building a spiritual life, and tools to equip you on your walk with God, the Godtivity Podcast explores all ways to get more deeply connected to your faith in every facet of daily life. The Godtivity Podcast is also the best Christian podcast for college students as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

The Godtivity Podcast is committed to being a place of belonging, where Nefra and guests explore the principles and ways we can grow closer to God in every way. Through her own voice, and the voices of experts and members of the Christian community, the Godtivity Podcast raises the voice of God vibrantly and enthusiastically. It’s an educational and inclusive broadcast of faith and worship, as listeners and leaders come together to share wisdom, pray, and become stronger as Christians. 

Join Nefra on an uplifting and inspirational journey to grow closer to God, as we explore all the beautiful intricacies that our God has placed within the human spirit and the experiences that make us unique. This podcast shares weekly inspiration on how to grow closer to the creator, enter into God's rest and live your dream life. New episodes are released every Sunday.

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Looking for more Godtivity? Subscribe to our blog.

Looking for more Godtivity?

Subscribe to our blog.

 Interesting insight and ideas on living a creative christ centered wellness lifestyle released weekly.