21 Days Of Prayer, Peace & God's Presence

The first and only 21 day christian wellness and creativity Daniel fast. 

Enter into the rest and peace of God, increase your creativity and posture yourself to hear from God today. 

You are only 21 days away from a deeper relationship with God.

Whether it's finding peace, hearing God's voice, making prayer a priority,
increasing your creativity or simply living a healthier, joy filled christian life—you can do it. 

Create the life you were created to live. God’s creative spirit lives in you.

Does any of this sound familiar?

 Artistically lost, confused, stuck.

You seriously have no idea what you’re meant to do with your life. This is eating you from the inside out, because you usually like to have a plan and have your next steps figured out.

Frustrated because you don’t hear God's voice in your life.

You’re typically an ambitious person, but your lack of direction is holding you back. You know you're meant for big things in life, but you're not sure what those big things are.

Searching for peace and anxious about everything:

the uncertainty of the future, not having control over your life, comparing yourself to your peers. You’re not as confident as you’d like to be, and sometimes have trouble fully believing in yourself.   

Looking to connect with a community of healthy like minded woman.

You want to achieve your dreams, but you have so many questions: How do I overcome my fears? How do I commit without quitting? How do I make a living? You need detailed guidance to help get you there.   

Craving meaning and fulfillment.

You don’t want to live life on the surface, you want to live life fully and deeply. You're not here to settle for mediocre. You want to make a difference in the world. You want to do something that matters.

Ready to level up in life.

You’re sick of being stuck where you are and you’re ready to build a better mindset, better habits, and a better life for yourself. You’re ready to do something different, in order to achieve different results.

Do you relate to of the above?

Thankfully, you’re in the right place!

This is the first and only 21 day christian wellness and creativity Daniel fast. 
Create the life you were created to live. God’s creative spirit lives in you.

 Now, Imagine your dream life. You deserve to...

Feel surrounded by love and hear from God the creator

Reconnect to your creative voice, values and purpose.

Wake up refreshed, inspired and excited for your day.

Make selfceare and wellness a part of your daily lifestyle 

Introducing: 21 Days Of Prayer, Peace & God's Presence 

   A Daniel Fast For Creative Christians  

The first and only 21 day christian wellness and creativity Daniel fast. Enter into the rest and peace of God, 
increase your creativity and posture yourself to hear the voice of God today. 

The Godtivity 21 Days with God is a step-by-step fast program designed to help you find peace, 

recover from the stress of life, posture yourself to hear God's voice, make prayer a priority, 

increase your creativity and simply living a healthier, joy filled christian life.

Here's what you'll get with the course:   
  • Access to 21 guided video modules

  • Interactive downloadable workbooks & printable PDF resources 

  • 60+ actionable exercises and journaling prompts 

  • Membership into the exclusive Godtivity Fast private Facebook group 

  • Access to daily live Q&A sessions

  • 60+ downloadable recipes, meal suggestions & snack ideas

  • 3 BONUS workshops & a positive affirmations audio download

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7 Day Fast + 
Self Care Kit

A 7 day fast perfect for beginners or

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  • 7 Days With God Workbook
  • 3 Pack Epsom Salt Aromatherapy Bath Bombs: 11.5oz each
  • 2 Professional Spa Grade Face Mask and Applicator Brush
  • Star Glitter Collagen Eye Under Eye Masks: 2 Pairs
  • Rainbow Herbal Relaxation Tea: Sample Size: 2-3 servings
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  •  Access to the exclusive Godtivity Fast Family community
  • Daily office hours for Q&A
  • 7 days of daily video modules, creative and selfceare activities 

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21 Day Fast Workbooks

The 3 part workbook, all printed resources and full access to the program.


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What's Included

  • 21 Days With God 3 Part Workbook
  • All other printed resources and guides required for the program
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  • ***PLUS***   
    •  Access to the exclusive Godtivity Fast Family community
    • Daily office hours for Q&A
    • 21 days of daily video modules, creative and selfceare activities 

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21 Day Fast + 
Self Care Kit

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the 21 day fast program.


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What's Included

  • 21 Days With God 3 Part Workbook
  • Professional Spa Grade Face Mask Kit: 7 masks And Applicator Brush
  • Star Glitter Collagen Eye Under Eye Masks: 7 Pairs
  • Rainbow Herbal Relaxation Tea: Standard Size: 30 servings
  •  7 Pack Epsom Salt Aromatherapy Bath Bombs: 11.5oz each
  • Holographic Holy Spirit Garden Rose Scented Soy Wax 9oz Candle
  • 16oz Bamboo Glass Water Bottle With Insulated Sleeve And Tea Infuser
  • Your choice of 1oz Tincture 
  • Herbarium Preserved Flowers Anointing Oil Glass Bottle: 7oz
  • Free Shipping in the continental USA 

  •  Access to the exclusive Godtivity Fast Family community
  • Daily office hours for Q&A
  • 21 days of daily video modules, creative and selfceare activities

What's Inside Your Kit

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Program Overview: What's Included

21 Days Of Prayer, Peace & God's Presence. A Daniel fast for the creative christian.

Here's what you can expect to explore each week:

Week 1:


Fathers Heart

  • Your Secret Place: Invite God into your life by setting your heart and intentions on Him

  • Hello Heavenly Family: Into to God the Father and His intentions for your life

  • The God Of Justice: Take your case to the supreme judge and request justice

  • Intro To Dream Interpretation: God speaks through dreams & how to understand Him

  • Cast Your Cares On God: Intro to prayer and 2-way journaling that will transform your life.
  • God's Authority vs God's Power: Why we need both and how to walk in them

  • Praising With A Purpose: How to praise and worship to get results and breakthrough

Week 2:


The Lion & The Lamb

  • A perfectly lived life: The true cost of sin, the fullness of salvation & the word became flesh

  • Fighting Temptation: Creating purpose from your pain. Test are testimonies in the making
  • The Crucifixion, Resurrection & Everything In Between: What it all really means for me

  • Communion A Spiritual Transaction: What comes with the new covenant in Christ

  • The Call Of Christ: Feed my sheep, baptize, heal the sick, raise the dead & make disciples  

  • Seated At The Right Hand Of God: Jesus lives free of all affliction and our high priest

  • The Return Of The King: Are you prepared?How to be equipped and keep watch

Week 3:


Ever Present Help

  • The Spirit Of Power: The Creator Spirit, present before the creation of the universe 

  • Speaking In Tongues: The power unleashed on earth and the fire within your spirit

  • Our Ever Present Help: How to hear the still small voice & the importance of obedience  

  • The Gifts & The Fruits Of The Spirit: Know where you stand and claim what's yours

  • Truth, Revelation and Wisdom: Reading the word with the Sprit & finding God's heart

  • Sealed From The Inside Out: Greater is the spirit within you than the spirit in the world

  • Let Your Light Shine: We are all called & equipped for such a time as this


Access to our private invite only Godtivity Fast Facebook group  (Priceless)  

You'll also get access to our exclusive private Facebook community filled with supportive, like-minded creative christians who have gone through or are currently going through the 21 day fast. This is your space to connect, engage, ask questions, and get accountability to stay committed to your goals. Hear about additional resources and find inspiration and motivation from the group!

Daily Live Q&A Sessions

Live support/question and answer sessions (Priceless)  

Every day during the 21 day fast there will be a live Q&A session at 7pm PST/10pm EST with Nefra, creator of Godtivity and your guide for the program. During these life sessions you can get clarity on any part of the program, share updates on your progress or join for a daily prayer. For an hour daily Nefra will answered questions in the exclusive community. You will have access to these recorded sessions to watch whenever you'd like! 

Current Fast Students Receive 20% 0ff Other Workshops 

Creating Your Secret Place

God loves you and is longing to spend more time with you. Yes, our days a busy with the demands of life, but it only takes 10 min a day with God to change your entire life. It's time to make God a priority, set a date with God. Staying focused on God is easier when you have your own secret place. A special area of your home where you fellowship with God. This bonus workshop guides you through creating a special place to dive deeper into our relationship with God and really seek out His heart and His ways. 

Unlocking The Keys To Communion

When we partake in communion we bring ourselves before God and celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It serves as a reminder of our new abundant life. A life of authority, power, provision, protection, divine health, healing, forgiveness of sins, victory over death and our adoption into our heavenly family. All of these promises are attached to a new covenant sealed with the blood of Jesus. This bonus workshop helps you active these promises and benefits by bringing them to life with actionable exercises.

The Visionary's Vision Board

Sometimes what holds us back is not having a clear vision. This bonus workshop helps you look into the future with a God sized mindset, guiding you through each step while addressing a lack and doubt mindset and learning to trust God. Learn how to use your imagination and prayer to create, envision and manifest your future without limitations. Take possession of God's promises for your life and start to walk into the life you were created to live.

 Recent Program Reviews 

Don't just take our word for it. 

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Sarah Steele - Student at USC

Absolutely Brilliant!

Kudos to The Hirons for this superb cleansing wardrobe - beautiful products, and clearly a lot of care and consideration has gone into the prep of the box as well as the planning for the wait list and staggered release - Caroline deserves the hype she gets. And huge props to Cult Beauty on the delivery - 

Alicia Robertson - Artist

I Really Really Love It!

This box represents a huge saving on the products total value. The Tata Harper cleanser is gorgeous and will be a re purchase when it runs out. The jasmine spray is divine and the acid pads are good to test as they are not something I would buy. It was delivered less than 24 hours after ordering,

Cerys Green - New Mom

So will you keep putting off your dreams... 

or will you start creating the life you've always wanted? 

I had to figure it out on my own…

In college, I was really lost and struggled with figuring out what to do with my life. I wanted to do "big things," but had no idea what that looked like or how to make it happen. 

I tried out multiple internships, but never felt like I "fit" with any of them. I couldn’t see myself working in an office setting where my talents and strengths weren’t being fully utilized. 

During my senior year, I started to get really depressed, unmotivated and frustrated. I was mad at myself, too, because I had always done well in school. Why couldn’t I figure this out? 

Meanwhile, my peers were getting cushy jobs right out of school and the pressure from family and society to "get a good job" was getting heavier and heavier. I felt like such a failure. 

Still, I knew that if I took the "safe" route by getting a job I disliked, I'd end up hating my life. Deep down, I knew I couldn't settle. 

After graduation, I took a chance and started following my heart to whatever opportunities felt right to me. I decided to let my life unfold, taking a leap of faith into the unknown. 

It wasn’t easy. And I didn’t make much money for a while. But as uncertain and scrappy as the journey was, I loved it. 

For the first time in my life, I was listening to my inner voice, getting out of my comfort zone, learning how to be an artist, and carving my path as a creative in this world. 

It’s been 7 years since I made that leap, and since then I’ve been led through an amazing and fulfilling creative journey that I could have never planned for myself: from releasing an album to acting and producing short films, to speaking at TEDxYouth and Stanford University, launching the Artist of Life Workbook and building a community of over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

I traveled to 28 countries, read over 75 books on personal development, spirituality and creativity, interviewed over 100 guests on my podcast, and shared my insights and lessons with millions of people online. 

One by one, I witnessed my dreams become my reality. It’s an incredible feeling. 
Ultimately, I learned how to create a life that I absolutely love, one that allows me to be financially free, and feels 100% aligned to my soul and purpose on this earth. I've learned so much about how to lead a happier, more successful and more meaningful life.
This is the beautiful realization I want for you—to uncover the amazing life that is meant for you. To help you make your dream life a reality, too.  

The best part is, you’ll get all of my 7+ years of experience in fasting and personal growth and lifestyle design distilled down to a structured step-by-step program.  

All of my messy mistakes, years of trial-and-error, DIY journal prompts and exercises that have helped my journey are now thoughtfully organized and curated for YOU.  

All you have to do is start.

This is the program I wish I had when I was 21 and desperately lost with my life. I didn’t have it then, but now I’ve created it for you, so you don’t have to go it alone.  

So tell me, are you ready to create your dream life?

Let's fast, pray and go deeper together.

About Nefra & Godtivity

Hello, I'm Nefra, the creator of the first and only 21 day christian wellness and creativity Daniel fast. As a christian I've been doing fast for over 30 years. While they were effectiveI I found myself always adding in elements to take them to the next level. A workbook full of words and journaling just wasn't working for me. 

Over the years I organically started creating a program of my own. This 21 day fast incorporates creative actionable exercises, customizable prayers, communion, dream interpretation, biblical stress relieving spa treatments and wellness. I'm a visual person too so the work book is full color with beautiful inspiring images from cover to cover. You also become part of a creative christian community with daily videos that guide you through the exercises for the day. 

Now, going deeper to silence the world and hear from  God is easier than ever. You aren't alone, God created you in his image and now is your chance to create the life you were created to live. Whether it's finding peace, hearing God's voice, making prayer a priority, increasing your creativity or simply living a healthier, joy filled christian life - we can do it together.

YouTube: Godtivity

Website: Godtivity.com

Instagram: @godtivity

Facebook Page: Godtivity 

This course is right for you if...

  • You're tired of feeling stuck, confused, or lost in life

  • You're ready to make important promises to yourself (and follow through on them)

  • You understand that big change comes from consistent action, every day

  • You want to feel confident and empowered in yourself

  • You're ready to achieve great things and know that everything you want can (and will) be yours

This course is NOT right for you if...

  • You aren't willing to watch all of the videos, complete the weekly worksheets

    and exercises, and take action on what you've learned

  • You're looking for a shortcut or quick fix to your problems, without an investment of your

    valuable time and energy

  • You make excuses for why certain things "won't work" for you and your life circumstances

Questions you might be asking...

How long do I have access to the program?

You have lifetime access to the course! After enrolling, you can revisit or retake the course at any time for as long as you'd like.

How much time does the program take?

The course is designed so that you work on one module per week, lasting six weeks for six modules. 

Each video module will take around 30 minutes to 1 hour to watch. We encourage you to set aside an additional 1-2 hours per week to complete the worksheets and exercises, and up to another hour to revisit the worksheets throughout the week.

When does the program start? What if I sign up late?  

The entire course is now live! You can access all of the course material right now and work through everything at your own pace.

Do I have to finish each week before the next one is released?   

To make the most of the course, we encourage you to keep up with the course material weekly. However, there's no need to finish each module within the week it is released. You can work through the course at your own pace, if needed.  

What's your refund policy?   

If the course doesn't work out for you, our refund policy extends to 30 days. See our Payment & Returns page for more info!  

What if I didn't make it to the live Q&As?

Q&As have been saved to the Facebook group, so you can watch the replays whenever you can!

What are you waiting for?

God is calling you to the next level of your destiny!

The best time to start is now.